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Spider and Klondike Solitaire: What Are The Difference?

The peculiarity of the Spider game is that 102 cards are used in the traditional Spider Solitaire, which is played on a rectangular playing board. The game has three varying degrees of difficulty. The amount of suit sequences employed in the gathering procedure varies throughout the versions.

While in Klondike Solitaire there are 52 cards in total, representing all four suits, and there are only two degrees of difficulty. If you look beyond the default games included with the OS and search online for Klondike Solitaire, you may discover the game in a wider variety of variations.

Still, the goal of these solitaire games is the same - to gather sets of cards that have identical suits and are arranged in ascending value. Except for the top rows of all columns, cards land face down on the playing surface at the start of the game. However, the alignment in the Spider and Klondike variants differs in form.

Spider Solitaire online: how to win?

There are no guarantees of winning in free Spider Solitaire, but the following tips may help you:

Always lay the card with a similar rank over a card with the same suit underneath. Set up columns of the same-suited playing cards. When playing on a high-difficulty (f.e. Spider 4 suits) this is quite challenging to do.

How to win in the Spider game is a common question. Simple solutions include collecting sequences of cards from older cards, ensuring that all alternatives have been explored before turning to a new hand and refraining from placing younger cards of a different suit on almost-completed sequences. The most crucial factor is ongoing practice.

How many cards are used in the Spider game?

Spider Solitaire is known as a challenging kind of game, and it is not because of the number of cards needed. However, this component is important since, statistically speaking, double decks, which contain 104 cards, already diminish the probability of a satisfactory conclusion by expanding the number of potential combinations.

Why are there only two suits? After all, if you take two decks and put them together, you should get (104:4=26) cards of all suits: spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs. Yes, it is, but only in the most complex variant (Spider Solitaire 4 suits), and only hearts and spades are used in the more uncomplicated variant (Spider Solitaire 2 suits). It doesn’t mean diamonds and crosses are simply thrown away in Solitaire online. No, they are replaced: all cards of a diamond suit become hearts, and all cards of a cross suit become spades.

Is it possible to win every Spider game?

Despite specific guidelines and principles, each online solitaire game ultimately calls for a unique strategy. While you play solitaire online - you gain experience and understanding that due to Spider game specification - it is hard to predict whether you win or not. Especially when you play Spider Solitaire 2 suits or Spider Solitaire 4 suits.

The highest win rate is in Spider Solitaire with only one color, so if you are a beginner and want to gain some practice - try to use this setting for Solitaire online. If you are already a more experienced player, then feel free to make Spider Solitaire more difficult by adding a second suit. And for the most experienced and those who like to break their heads - a Spider Solitaire 4 suits, but keep in mind that it is most difficult to win in this type of Spider game, and sometimes it is even impossible.

What is the Best variant of the Spider game?

This question is hard to answer since it all depends on the player, his/her experience and personal preferences. As already mentioned, there are three types of spider games: 1) where cards are collected by one color; 2) where the next level includes spades and hearts (Spider Solitaire 2 suits); 3) the most difficult one with all 4 (Spider Solitaire 4 suits). So each player chooses the game type individually.

What is the best ranking in Spider Solitaire?

Each platform has its system, so it all depends on where you play free Solitaire. Usually, a player has a certain number of points at the start, which changes during the Spider game after the deck is built or the move is taken.

I can't deal with new cards from the stock.

In order to deal cards from the stock when playing Spider Solitaire, each of the 10 tableau columns must have at least one card in it. You won't be able to deal new cards if that happens. A simple fix is to deal again after adding a card to any empty columns.

spider solitaire card deal

How should I play the game?

There are two ways to play our game. You can play the game the old-fashioned way by merely dragging the cards with your mouse or finger and positioning them where you want them to be. As an alternative, you can also double-click or double-tap a card. Then, the game will automatically move it to the best open space on the tableau. You can also use your fingers to move cards when playing on a touchscreen.

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What to do if the game does not start

You have logged into our site intending to play Solitaire and are trying to run the game, but nothing happened. The reason may be the wrong version of free Solitaire, as we are constantly working on improving it and your device may not have downloaded the latest version. To fix this problem, you need to take the following steps: on a computer or laptop with Windows OS, press Ctrl and F5 at the same time. On a MacBook, press Command + Shift + R together. After these simple combinations, the free Solitaire game should start as it should. On the phone, the procedure is slightly different - look at the menu to get acquainted with the possible solutions to the problem.

If your actions did not lead to the desired result, try clearing the browser cache, but keep in mind that this will delete your previous results. To do this on Windows OS - press the Ctrl+Shift+Delete buttons together. If using Mac use a combination of COMMAND+OPTION+E. Your actions will lead to the opening of a new window.

Spider Game Glossary

Below we have collected key concepts and terms in the free Solitaire that you may meet in the future or have already met. For a better understanding of how to play Solitaire, the process, the rules of the game, and the terminology, we have given the designations of all the terms that you can familiarize yourself with: